Do you have something to say about Gloom Trench 1926 and the world it’s set in?

Then we would like to have a chat about writing blog posts for us.

We are looking for people to help us fill our blog with awesome articles on the subject of gaming and Gloom Trench 1926. We have a few stipulations, but nothing that should stunt your creative juices.

Requirements for writing blog posts for us

  1. It needs to be gaming related AND related to Gloom Trench in some way.
    • So it could be a article about making a gaming table if written with Gloom Trench in mind.
    • Or maybe you want to write an article on a play testing sessions you recently had
    • Or maybe a battle report
    • Or a painting article for the Russian colour scheme you have chosen
    • Or some fan fiction
    • etc
  2. It must be a new article. We can’t accept articles that have been posted elsewhere already. And it must be written by you…
  3. |t must be a subject matter that isn’t extensively covered on our blog already. This is taken on a subject matter by subject matter basis. So, just because we already have an article that is similar doesn’t mean you shouldn’t submit your idea.
  4. Each article must be no shorter than 500 words and no longer than 1000 words.
    • It can be a multiple piece article, but we will need to discuss that before the green light is given.
  5. Images must be well lit and in focus. No photos that have been taken with a potato camera
  6. Only models from the Gloom Trench 1926 range can be featured unless they are required but not currently available from us.
    • An example of this may be something such as a vehicle. At the time of writing this we haven’t released any vehicles.

So, not exactly restrictive requirements.

Get paid for your article

Now, we don’t expect people to be writing blog posts for us for free. This is a paid gig, oh yes. For each blog post that we accept we will pay the writer £20 directly into their paypal account.


Excellent! The process is quite simple, first we will need you to fill in this form. Then once that’s done you will be diverted to a second form where you can submit your first article idea. Make sure you keep a record of that second forms URL as it will be the one you use for each article idea submission you want to write.

You don’t need to submit an article idea immediately, if you want to have a think and do it later that is fine. Just bookmark the address.

Once you have submitted an article idea we will give it a read and see if it’s the sort of article we are looking for. We will then come back to you with a yay or nay. If it’s the former, you can start writing it and get it submitted. Once it’s live on our blog we will send payment.

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