This page contains a number of tables cross-referencing a list of our products with a number of printers. We mark these tables when we have a successful print report from one or more of our test printers.

  • If a cell is empty, that item isn’t available for test printing yet
  • If a cell has an empty box in it that item is available for test printing but hasn’t had a successful print yet on the corresponding machine
  • If a cell has a tick in the box then that item has been successfully printed on the corresponding printer

Your resin printer not covered?

We only list successful printers for print reports we receive from our Test Print Team. Unfortunately, there are holes in this coverage.

If you have a printer that doesn’t have any coverage, or sporadic coverage and you want to help out by filling those gaps you can apply to join our Test Print Team.

As long as you are a member of the Test Print Team you will get our range of STLs given to you for free. That’s everything that currently exists, and everything we will produce in the future.

All we ask is that you provide us some basic info about the machines you have, the resin you use and your slicer settings. Then print out everything we supply at least once and provide us feedback on how the print went through our feedback form.

The files are then yours to keep.

Interested? Fill in the form and we will be in contact.