A few days ago we previewed the first of the Scourge concepts, which I’m calling the ‘Skitter’. That concept had used our fear of all things ‘creepy-crawly’ and what have you as the basis.

Today’s concept, lovingly referred to as the ‘Lover’ feeds into our claustrophobic fears. The concept wraps its victims in a loving embrace, using suckers on its chest and arms to get a really good hold on its victim, whilst wrapping it’s legs around too. It then uses its ‘hands’ to pull the victims face into a nice kiss.

Of course, as you can see from the concept the kiss is not going to be pleasant as its mouth is, umm, yeah, the size of a human face, and it has a rather long weird looking tongue like thing that it pushes down the victims throat for good measure.

Not exactly something any of use would want to come across I suspect, but I hope you love the design.

I’ll post up the preview of the third concept shortly. That one is ‘the Hunter’. I love it!

Cheers everyone!!

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