I’m LEGO?BrickHeadz Batman

(You have to imagine the above in a gruff voice when reading it) After building the?Robin model, my interest in the LEGO BrickHeadz?continues to grow so I decided to get some more to build and enjoy. This time, we’re looking at *gruff voice* BrickHeadz Batman *gruff voice*. After another trip down to the LEGO store in Sheffield I?m now the proud owner of the Batman model. Now to build the blighter!

BrickHeadz Batman Box

Contents of the?Brickheadz Batman box

The model consists of just 91 pieces, which is a whole 10 piece less than Robin. Packaged in two separate bags, the box also contains the base of the model loose in the box. As expected, you? also get the building instructions booklet which contains 28 pages. The model construction broken down into 25 steps, so one less than Robin it seems.

BrickHeadz Batman Contents

Components that make up the Brickheadz Batman

I was stuck by how boring the selection of pieces are after laying out all the pieces for a photo. I suspect this feeling is caused by the lack of colour in the model. Of course, this is Batman so you wouldn?t expect much else than a lot of black and a slap of yellow for his belt, and that is exactly what you get.


I also managed to take the photo with the chest piece upside down so you couldn’t see the print…

BrickHeadz Batman Components 3

Building the Brickheadz Batman

As you may have notices above, the model construction is split across into 25 steps. Each step is pretty easy with it covering 3 to 4 individual bricks each. This model certainly seemed easier to assemble than the Robin model and took no longer than 9 mins to build. The build time was a little disappointing after building Robin, but Batman isn?t as complex due to a lack of hair. I did like the cloak on the model though; I even managed to build the cloak wrong first time!

Much like Robin, 9cm tall from the base to the top of his bat like ears. Once built, the model really does portray the moody feeling of Batman well. The flash of yellow for his utility belt stands out nicely against the black of the rest of the model.

The model also comes with a batarang! Whilst this is a lovely lego piece, due to its thinness it is difficult to see when when Brickheadz Batman is holding it. This is because it is black and the black cloak is behind it.

One other thing to note is the eye pieces glow in the dark, which is a lovely little touch.

Final thoughts on?Brickheadz Batman

Another quick and eacy build, Brickheadz Batman does miss some of the fun of the Robin model I already assembled. This isn?t LEGO?s fault however, as I believe there is only so much you can do with a character who?s dressed in black.

The Brickheadz Batman looks really ace once built and is instantly recognizable as the man bat he is. With as much charm as Robin, but for different reason, Batman is a nice addition to the shelf. Both he and his caped companion, Robin look great alongside each other on the shelf.

BrickHeadz Batman Component List

Components list from the instructions.

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