Holy LEGO Brickheadz Robin!

I was passing the LEGO store in Sheffield (UK) the other day and, as usual, popped in to take a look at what was on the shelf. Of course, you can’t just go into a LEGO store and not buy anything! I ended up picking up a few things including a number of the BrickHeadz range and today we take a look at the?Brickheadz Robin model.

Lego Brickheadz Robin Box

Contents of the?Brickheadz Robin box

The model consists of 101 pieces and as you can below, they come in two bags. In addition, the base of the model is loose in the box. You also get the usual build instructions. The instructions are split down into 26 steps across 26 pages.

Lego Brickheadz Robin Contents

Components that make up the Brickheadz Robin

As you can see below, there isn’t anything too special about the brick types included in the kit. Mostly System pieces it would seem. There is a total of two printed parts, Robins chest piece and the set number piece. I do like the printing on the chest piece although its uses are pretty limited.

Building the Brickheadz Robin

As mentioned above, there is a total of 26 steps to assembling Robin, and none of them are taxing in the slightest. Although, to be fair I wasn’t expecting it to be taxing in the slightest.

It took about 12 mins to complete the build but I wasn’t exactly rushing, wanting to savour the experience as long as possible.

Once completed, the model is actually better than I was expecting. It measures 9cm from the base to the highest point on the model, his quiff. It has a lot of character and whilst it doesn’t have much play value due to a lack of moving parts it does have a nice display quality to it. I especially love his spectacles/mask which makes it obvious he is based on the 2017 Robin minifigure variants. This point isn’t surprising seeing as how they have an ‘action’ posed image of that minifigure on the side of the box.

Final thoughts on?Brickheadz Robin

As a quick, unchallenging build, the Brickheadz Robin isn’t something you are going to get for an evenings build. The kit doesn’t have a minifigure either, which would have been a nice touch, especially if there was a space on the base for it to sit. So, I do have to wonder what appeal these kits will have.

Well, I don’t have to wonder about it for long. The appeal is in the charm of the figure. These will look great all standing together in a cabinet and make for an interesting change of pace from the normal LEGO kit building.

I’m proper looking forward to building more of the Brickheadz series!

Lego Brickheadz Robin component list

Components list from the instructions.

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