Motherland of Rus – Glorious Riflemen

It’s a glorious day for the Motherland of Rus! Indeed, for Rasputin has mobilised his forces and is, as we speak, preparing to send them to the fronts.

The start of these glorious troops are the numerous riflemen units.

The backbone any any Motherland of Rus force, the riflemen are actually equipped with the tools to do their job; if only they had the training and willingness to do it too. Certainly, this would be a worry brothers and sisters, if it weren’t for the fact they will be accompanied by the loyal and glorious Political Officers, or Komissarz to give them their correct title, to ensure the glorious riflemen don’t falter in giving their lives for our glorious leader Rasputin.

motherland of rus riflemen
motherland of rus riflemen rear view

Beautiful aren’t they, dressed and equipped with the finest MoR has to offer.

Want a closer looks? Fortunately brothers and sisters, it just so happens some have, umm, volunteered to act as models for you below.

All these glorious souls shown here are armed with the trusty Motherland of Rus rifles, but there will also brave individuals equipped with the mighty Motherland of Rus SMG on their way to the front. The brave units of Rasputin’s Riflemen will be unstoppable with their SMG armed comrades in their ranks

Plus, each riflemen has been bless by our glorious Rasputin with a selection of head wear, for all weather conditions.

May the enemy shake in their boots!

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