Hi Folks,

So today we see a new version of the rules released. Amongst the changes we see in this updated. we have changed unit sizes a little and given you more flexible in the way Riflemen are allocated across your armies (and how many you have).

You can read all the changes below and at the bottom you will find a swanky button for downloading the latest version of the rules.

Oh, we have also changed the date based to make it easier to know what version of rules you have compared to the updates as will be be posting posts like this each time a new update happens – so you can see by the post date what version of the rules these changes will be in!

Version 14-11-22

Main Rules

Scales and Measurements

    • Added a new section to explain how we are handling measurement differences between 15mm and 28mm scale. All instances of distances in the rules changed to follow this guide.
    • All references to measurements in rules changed from inches to ‘MU’

Line of Sight

    • ‘LoS Through a Friendly Unit’ has been removed.
    • Amended the way we handle how a model is seen to remove the LoS Height stat from units.


    • Unit coherency increased to 6MU of the Unit Leader.


    • Movement text amended to reflect change that all units, unless specially overridden, move up to 5MU

Special Rules and Attributes

New Special Rules

    • Additional Men x

Special Rules Changes

The following special rules have been updated to reflect to Scale and Measurement changes

    • Artillery Bombardmen
    • Concealed Set-Up
    • Feeders
    • Hunters – Also, a sight increase in distances.
    • Medic
    • Mortar
    • Nightmares X
    • RAM Round
    • RAM Spike activation

British Development Rules 

Unit Sizes

    • The following units have had their unit sizes reduced by the following number of Riflemen:
      • HQ: 2
      • 2IC: 2
      • Riflemen: 3
      • LMG: 2
      • Gas Thrower: 2
      • Flame Thrower: 2
      • Support Weapons: 2
      • Mortar: 2
      • MMG: 2
      • Laser: 2
      • Ram spike: 3

Unit Profiles

    • Removed the Move stat from all units.
    • Removed the LoS Height stat from all units
    • The following units have had the following new special rule added to their profiles
      • HQ – Additional Men 2
      • 2IC – Additional Men 2
      • Riflemen – Additional Men 2
      • LMG – Additional Men 2
      • Gas Thrower – Additional Men 2
      • Flame Thrower – Additional Men 2
      • Support Weapons – Additional Men 2
      • Mortar – Additional Men 2
      • MMG – Additional Men 2
      • Laser – Additional Men 2
      • Ram spike – Additional Men 3
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