Hi Folks,

So today we see a new version of the rules released.

You can read all the changes below and at the bottom you will find a swanky button for downloading the latest version of the rules.

Version 20-08-23

Main Rules

Squad Leader

  • Section added to explain Squad Leader


  • LoS rules adjusted to remove the use of ‘Cylinders’ and instead just use ‘Base to Base’ as a guide.

Unit Activation

  • The way units are activated has changed from a card desk to a Activation Bag. Each player places Chits in a bag for each unit in their force. These chits are drawn to determine which player can activate a unit.

Fog of War Chits

  • Fog of War chits are also added to the Activation Bag and are used to determine when a turn ends. Yes, this means a turn may end before all units have a chance to activate!

Special Rules and Unit Orders


  • Reach allows units to shoot through friendly units with whom they are in base to base contact.

British Development Rules 

All Profiles

  • Unit Leader Keyword changed to Squad Leader

Trench Raiders

  • Reach added to Trench Pike – Shooting profile as a Special Rule
Download the Latest Rules
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