We will be running Kickstarter projects in the near future for the production of each factions models. 

These will be self-contained projects, with the aim to fund a set number of models for a single faction of the game. 

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A great way to show your support and help us out is to join our Patreon. Patrons get the following:

  • Access to Patron only content. This could range from concept previews to ‘back stage’ videos I may make to show off something. 
  • Early access to the Gloom Trench rules, even when they are in development!
  • The opportunity to provide your feedback on the rules at any point and get involved in the process. You can help steer the development of the Gloom Trench rules!
  • Voting rights.
  • 50% discount for our digital AND physical models.
  • Access to a Patreon only Gloom Trench community.

So you can really be involved in creating the Gloom Trench world and help steer the rules in the direction they need to go!

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Have you been given out products for free??

You can still support us!

Let’s face it, we sell digital goods that, once sold, we have zero control over. We have no doubt that our models will find their way into the hands of people who didn’t pay for them. It’s the nature of this business and we accept it.

But, our models don’t grow on trees. We need to pay for art, pay for sculpting not to say the wo/man hours spent developing a ruleset.

Just because you get given our models for free doesn’t mean you can’t support us still.

If you were given our models by someone, you gave the models you purchased to a friend, or you just want to show your support, please consider supporting us through the use of the form on this page.

Any support you show us through this page will go into the development and expansion of Gloom Trench.

Thank you.