After over a year of struggling with Gloom Trench 1926, I realized it veered off course. The game was initially meant to be a smaller model count skirmish game, focusing on intense, strategic battles with fewer units. However, as development progressed, it began to morph into something akin to larger-scale war games, which was never my intention.

It took me six months to fully understand where things went wrong and how this deviation was hemming in my creativity, making it difficult to continue. The larger model count and increased complexity were dragging down the original vision I had for Gloom Trench 1926.

Over on Tabletop Sentinel, I delve deeper into my journey with the game and the steps I’m taking to bring it back to its original vision. I talk about the realization process, the struggles of course-correcting, and the exciting plans for the next iteration of the rules. My aim is to return to a game that emphasizes smaller, more strategic skirmishes, where every model and every decision matters.

If you’re curious about the twists and turns of game development and want to see how Gloom Trench 1926 is evolving, head over to my detailed article on Tabletop Sentinel. Your support and feedback are invaluable as I work to bring this game back on track.

Check it the realisation here and let me know your thoughts.

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