What is the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Open War Deck?

The Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Open War Deck is a deck of 64 cards which are a fast way to get your games of Age of Sigmar up and running. Gone are the struggles of deciding on the scenario, the deployment zones etc (were there ever struggles in this area?!?) as with the Open War deck you are set to start within seconds!

What do you get?

First things first, the packaging (the box the cards are in) is actually worth a mention. I was expecting it to be flimsy and basically useless once opened but instead it’s actually a quality piece of packaging. Thick card means the box will last and the top lid is not only easy to open and get access to the cards but when closed, it stays closed!!

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Open War Deck - Pack

So, onto the deck itself. actually, it’s not one deck but 5: Deployment Deck, Objectives Deck, Twist Deck, Ruse Deck and Sudden Death Deck

Deployment Deck

The Deployment deck contains twelve cards each with a different deployment layout for games. There some real interesting layouts in this deck that make for some interesting setups.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Open War Deck - Deployment Deck

Objective Deck

Next up we have the Objective deck also contains twelve cards with each card having a game objective. These are your scenario rules, so how you win the game, and we have all the usual sort of things in here like controlling the most objectives, destroying the opponents objectives or just outright slaughtering as many of the enemy models as possible. Some objective cards do require objectives on the table, some don’t. So keep that in mind as you will need something to represent these objectives.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Open War Deck - Objective Deck

Twist Decks

The third deck is the Twist deck. Once again, we have 12 cards in the deck but this time each card brings a new rule to the game, such as the battle taking place in the rain – making it harder to hit in combat and to also run or charge – or the gods being a bit miffed with the battle and sending down their god like wraith into the armies. Twist decks add a nice little, umm, twist to your games and I really like the idea of them adding in a little extra flavour to your games.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Open War Deck - Twist Deck

Before the game starts, the players shuffle each of the above three decks and turns over the top card from each. This gives the players a Deployment card, a Objective card and a Twist deck which denotes the make up of the game from the scenario point of view. When you work it out, the number of card combinations in these three decks means Open War deck set gives you 1,728 game scenarios!!

Hold on though, we have another two decks!

The other two decks aren’t used to generate the game scenario, instead they are used once the players have set up their armies. The use of both these decks is determined by the player’s army sizes and only one player gets to use them. I think these two decks will add some good stuff to the games and give a leg up to the player with the smaller army (see below). I can definitely see them encouraging some more mismatched games from a ‘Army Points’ point of view. You know, one player has half the points of the other and has a defendable position to, umm, defend.

Ruse Deck

The Ruse deck has only 6 cards in it. The player who has the ‘smaller’ army, and by smaller I mean the army with the lower total Wound characteristic, gets to draw one card from this deck and they keep it secret from their opponent.

Ruse cards can be played by the player at a point specified by the card and when done so gives the player a bonus of some sort such as returning a destroyed unit to the table or not needing to take battleshock tests while your general is still alive. These cards can really improve an armies chance in the game, although I do think a couple of them are much more powerful than the rest.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Open War Deck - Ruse Deck

Sudden Death Deck

The Sudden Death Deck also has just 6 cards in it but are only used in a game if one of the players is at least double the total Wound characteristic of their opponents army. In cases like this the player with the lower total wound characteristic gets to draw one card from the top of the Sudden Death deck and they keep it secret from their opponent. This is in addition to the Ruse card they get to draw.

The cards in this deck gives the player an opportunity to win the game without achieving the Objectives of the game. Each card tells the player at what point/situation they should play the card and at that point they instantly win the game. These situations are along the lines of their general killing the opponents general or if there are no enemy units within the players territory after the third round.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Open War Deck - Sudden Death Deck

Final Thoughts on the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Open War Deck

I really like this product for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. As I said above, it gives you 1,728 game scenario combinations, excluding the Ruse or Sudden Death decks. Add Ruse into the mix and you are at 10,368 game set ups, or 62,208 with the Sudden Death deck too. That is a lot of gaming opportunities!

The cards themselves are printed on good card stock, the design is easy to read and uses the standard Age of Sigmar background. The rear of the cards have some lovely art on with each deck having their own design.

Priced at ?10 RRP makes the product a very affordable way to add lots of options to your games. I would seriously recommend every Age of Sigmar player gets themselves a pack of these cards. Especially as you can get it from your usual discounting stores, such as Element Games.

Tell us what you think!

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